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Who Am I?

My name is Ronan Quinn and i am the proud fiancé of Lida. Based in Dublin i have garnered a reputation among my peers for being a discrete wedding videographer and also for the unique Modern Wedding Videos I produce. I believe in letting the story tell itself on the wedding day and then through creative editing at home I produce wedding stories that reflect couples personalities

  • Fully insured and Registered.
  • Using the most modern cameras and sound techniques
  • Advanced editing style sets me apart
  • Lot of happy Testimonials Here

Profile Picture

Ronan Quinn
Ronan QuinnWedding Videographer
I have an easy going personality that seems to transpose itself to my Brides and Grooms on their wedding day to help keep things calm.

Something about Ronan

There are 2 main priorities for me with a wedding video. One is to be unobtrusive so i don’t affect guests experience negatively. And the second is to reflect the couples personality with my unique and personal Highlight Clips
  • Modern Wedding Videos
  • Reportage Style
  • Completely Unobtrusive
  • Lots of Testimonials from Happy customers
To date my highest accomplishment is having a gorgeous baby girl, Stella. How could anything top that feeling!
You can check out my full website HERE . Or you can contact me by the button on the bottom of this page and i will answer any questions you may have.

Quinn Video : Creating Modern Wedding Stories

Don’t be on one of those brides who looks back and wishes they got a wedding video