This is one of the weddings that I remember very vividly.
One of the reasons is that it was one of the scorching sunny days that we had last year, secondly there was a bee that wouldn’t let go and thirdly I got to work with my lovely fiance Ronan.

The drive on the morning of the 8th of September 2013 from Dublin to Wexford was full of surprises. Rain, lightening, rainbow … you name it and as I arrived to my final destination of Seafield Golf &Spa Hotel, it was SUNNY for the rest of the day. Luckily for the couple Natasha and Richie.

As I stepped into the one of the houses belonging to the hotel, hair styling was already in the full swing. Mandy, Natasha’s sister was in charge of the hair and she was fantastic.

Wedding  makeup-Paul Andrews

Wedding makeup

Wedding Makeup requested for the day was bronzed look with strong smokey eyes. Natasha followed my bridal skincare tips and it paid off. Her skin was glowing with help of Bobbi Brown Foundation stick and Bobbi Brown Shimmer brick.

Wedding makeup-Paul Andrews

Everybody in the room was very relaxed as family friend and photographer for the day Paul Andrews Photography was snapping away standing in the window (on the ground floor)! and my very talented fiance Ronan Quinn Video recorder all the laughter, tears and emotions while I was completing the sisters and one bridesmaid makeup. And as my work was done I got a lovely kiss to get me home smiling while the lovely couple exchanged their vows in the heart warming civil ceremony and celebrated till wee hours.

Wedding makeup-Paul Andrews

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Lida xx