Top Most requested Makeup looks – Celebrity Makeup looks- Lida Hertel

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Regular Tuesday morning. It's raining outside,what's new, hey?! I open the fridge to put some milk in my "pick me up coffee" and I can not BELIEVE! it, we are out of it! So here I am in my local SPAR. No make up. In my sweatpants and hoodie over my head. Do not want to be seen,EVER! And as I am carrying my pint of Skimmed ( nothing less than that) milk I brush through the magazine section, that happens to be beside the till, conveniently. The big smile, the white teeth, flawless skin. [for my skincare tips click here]. I am chased by covers of the Picture Perfect . Nothing better then scroll through couple of the glossies over my cuppa and GET INSPIRED... Here are the 5 Most requested Makeup Looks 1."The Kim Kardashian Makeup look" Not for shrinking violets with makeup. This look involves a lot of contouring, HD Brows, various colours and a lot of lashes. 2. Bronze Goddess Makeup look I hear this a lot. Especially in Ireland. Nothing wrong with little bit of colour. Coppers, bronzes, golds, chocolate tones. Pick an accent and remember that subtle is the key here. 3.Smokey Eye Makeup look There are hundreds of variations . Pair it with flawless skin and nude lips.   4.Hollywood Glamour Makeup Look High maintenance look. Will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. Red lipstick doesn't wear you, you wear it. Chin up and face the world! Pair it with no fake tan, nice flicked eyeliner and fake lashes to make the impact. Russian red, Heroine deep or Wine tone,they are all in! 5."No Makeup" Makeup look One of the hardest looks to