Makeup Artist – how glamorous does that sound? To most girls it probably sounds very glamorous. I remember from working as a Bobbi Brown makeup artist in Brown Thomas that people thought that our main job is just to stand behind the counter all day looking gorgeous. Well, the truth is I love make up. I love meeting new people. Do I get star struck? No. We are all human with our little insecurities; otherwise you wouldn’t ask me for help, would you. I remember when Rihanna was choosing a lipstick and I told her that it wouldn’t be my choice. An hour later after nice chat, autograph in my pocket and her saying:” I’ll come back to you next time I am in Dublin, cos you showed me all the cool stuff’’ proved my point. When I have a face in front of me, I forget who it is. I see blank canvas and the different persona I can create.

makeup artist

All that bragging aside, one of my favourite parts of my job is to do wedding makeup. Why? Wedding guests and the bride are always in a great spirit. Who wouldn’t be on one of the most special days of their life? The hair, the dress, the shoes-oh yeah, don’t we love shoes and the make-up, it all falls into place. Although I have the advantage of having lots of makeup and also the know- how to glam myself, we are all human and on many working at home days like right now this is the reality…

makeup artist

Makeup Artist

Well as you can see this is my reality at home and when you see that cute face beside me how could anyone want to alter that reality!

Lida xx