Growing up as a teenager in the 90’s, Pamela Anderson eyebrows were the business. Overplucked, thin, round and penciled , the more alike the better.
No wonder years later I was left with sparse eyebrows that never recovered.When Stella arrived my life changed upside down, as any mum would agree. Saving some time in doing my makeup all of sudden became the best idea ever and I took the plunge to get the brows done. Being Makeup artist I have a little eyebrow obsession. I can go out barefaced but I would always fill my eyebrows.

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After I have done my research, I knew what I wanted and where to get it :).

I picked the phone and rang Elaine McParland from Up to my Eyes .It’s a saloon based in Greystones where I trained as An extension lash specialist.

Elaine was the first person to bring Embrowdery to Ireland. She trained in Asia where this technique is extremely popular.

About the 3D Eyebrows:

3D Eyebrowdery also known as an eyebrow stroke or fathering technique. Unlike tatoos, they are semi-permanent and lasts up to 2 years.

Little feather strokes are applied with a metal hand tool, that looks like like a blade. The strokes are applied only on the skin surface.
The embrowdery eventually fades until it disappears, therefore there is no need to be worried, that your brows will change colour to orange, blue or any other colour over time.
Embrowdery is ideal for people with over plucked brows like myself, after chemo, alopecia or if you just want to boost your brow colour or brow shape.

After a patch test behind my ear I booked myself for procedure that takes 3 phases to be completed.

Here is my Diary of my 3D Eyebrows:

First Phase


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After initial discussion, Elaine drew the brows the would suit my face shape. Then we discussed the colour/shade. I wanted brows more ashy rather than warm. Not too dark .Elaine advised me to go a bit darker as colour can fade up to 70% over the 4 weeks.

The procedure itself is quite comfortable. I was just lying on the bed, little bit of topical anesthetics was applied and Elaine just worked her magic. It’s no more painful than eyebrow plucking really!

After that we just checked again that I am happy with the shape . The skin around my brows was quite red but calmed down after few hrs. I have received a tin called Tatoo Goo and was advised to apply this every 3hrs for the next 7 days. Its consistency is pretty much like Vaseline.

I loved my brows already!!! The were fuller and so precise already. The strokes looked like real hair.

In the next 5 days the brows started to scab little bit. They are suppose to do that as once that falls off naturally it leaves the pigment under skin. The worst bit is not to pick them up and they didn’t look the nicest, but that’s a small price to pay.On the day 7 I had these amazing natural brows all ready to attend a wedding (as a guest this time). It was bliss.

Second Phase

2014-08-15 09.56.56

After 4 weeks
Duration:2 hrs.

This time we drew the brows bit thicker as they faded a bit around the edges. Same procedure was applied.I was totally at ease as I knew what to expect this time.

Third Phase

2014-09-30 13.47.12


After 6 weeks

This time we just added little bit more brunette into the colour , to get the shade just right. What’s great about embrowdery is that you really have time to make your mind about the colour and shape and that adjustments can be make, unlike other procedures.



photo 2 (3)


In my opinion, at the total price €440, it was best spend money ever!
I love, love, love my eyebrows.

Touch up is recommended after 10 months/1 year.And at €60, it’s cheaper then a monthly brow tint.

What’s your experience or opinion on the eyebrows or brow trends?

Love Lida xxx