Bridal makeup – Skincare tips – Lida Hertel

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My top skincare tips: In an order to achieve a flawless bridal make up look it is essentially important what you put in as much as what put on. We have all heard of the inner beauty and internal glow terms. I would like to share few skincare and bridal makeup tips that I have tried and I know they work for me and many happy past brides gave the same feedback. H2O,H2O,H2O The cheapest and the most beneficial thing out there. Water is free! Well, almost, should I say.You can do a small test on yourself. Push you skin backwards. If you see little fine lines, then those are dehydration pockets.You can imagine a flower without watering. It is dry and not very appealing. Your skin needs everyday watering also. It plumps the skin and flushes out all the toxins. Drink as much water as you can possibly face and you skin will thank you for that. The better the skin is the better the bridal makeup will look.   Lifestyle Boring I know. I have met so many people over the years that drink, smoke, party hard, work hard, use sunbeds, you name it in excess and think that get away with it.Let me break the news to you:" it will eventually catch up with you". Enjoy your life but everything in moderation.My advice is try to get little bit of exercise maybe on fresh air, eat healthy diet with lots nuts (they do miracles for hair, skin and nails) and try to get some sleep and relax little bit.   Cleanse Wipes are not cleansers. Your skin might look clean but leave a nasty residue on your skin. In my opinion you