We have been blessed with lovely summer in Ireland once again this year (do you remember last year?) and many people look for an alternative to liquid foundation.Mineral powder foundation

“Not too much coverage, but just enough coverage, not too shiny, not too matt but glowy, SPF oh yeh, easy to use, if you know what I mean?” I hear you… You mean mineral powder foundation, maybe??

The guinea pig as I am, I try everything before comment and here are my verdicts to share…


bareMinerals SPF 15 Original

packaging claim: flawless coverage with natural luminous finish
won’t clump or cake
improve appearance of skin over time
will not dry skin
looks like powder feels like cream

pros :I LOVE this foundation for photoshoots!
great buildable coverage, minimizes pores, great for oily skin
good choice of shades

cons: on everyday bases it will look great for couple of hours or so but be
aware! as the day goes, it separates on the face creating maps
feels like powder, looks like powder


Fuchsia Mineral powder foundationphoto (1)

packaging claim: Made in Ireland
exceptional coverage with lightweight feel
natural glow, completely natural
sold in 10g or 5g jars

pros: nice to support our economy and buy Irish
high content of mica creates beautiful glow( something I have never seen in any other mineral powder before unless it’s a highlighter)
even though claimed to be suitable for all skin types I would avoid it on oily skin
great option of buying small jar first and decide whatever you like it
Rebecca from our local chemist is the face 2014 of the brand

cons: not enough coverage to be used on it’s own
I use it as a finishing powder over fondation, it photographs beautifully
be careful with the amount used, be generous and you will look like a disco ball


Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Mineral Makeup SPF 15bobbi brownphoto (4)


packaging claim: pearlized powder to diminish imperfections
never looks mask like
smooth and silky

pros: yellow based to neutralize any redness
photographs beautifully, photostable
very natural even finish
great for all skins including dry type
minimizes pores
you won’t feel it, feels silky
love it for makeup no makeup looking brides

cons: expensive, you will need decent amount to be used each time and therefore you will run out of it very quickly
no glow, just flat matt finish
hardly any coverage, great if you have nice skin to start with


Smashbox Cosmetics Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder


packaging claim: lightweight powder hydrates and delivers anti aging benefits and radiant skin

pros: lovely as a finishing powder over liquid foundation
like the sieve packaging
photographs flawless
minimizes pores
matt with a lovely glow finish

cons: packaging broke on me in a week(the clasp on it)
no coverage
after week of usage my skin started to peel, therefore no hydrating benefits I can see?



MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural Powder


mac min powder

pros: baked product is user friendly as it doesn’t spill everywhere
buildable coverage, long lasting
cons: neutral shades however I would prefer them slightly more yellow
used more as a finishing powder rather than foundation on it’s own


Over all the skin preparation is the key. The better the skin the better any makeup will sit. The big advantage of mineral foundations is that they are suitable for sensitive skin. They are so called good for your skin, but don’t sleep in it I warned you:)!!! not that good.

All to be used with either kabuki brush or any other suitable brush. For my Top Must have brushes watch out for a blog that will be out soon.

Please share with me your experience or let me know which Mineral powder is your favourite and why?

LOVE Lida x

disclaimer: blogs and reviews are based on our personal opinions of the products and companies